Sunday, 27 March 2011

We found the spot, now lets turn it into a shop!

Well, where to start... Ok, there is someone in the family who is extremely talented at a lot of things. One of them happens to be baking, in particular, cupcakes! With all the current hype surrounding cupcakes and specialty cupcake stores, my partner and I decided to go on a bit of a cupcake crawl. We basically wanted to see what all the fuss was about and of course compare them to the cupcakes we know and love.

After visiting many amazing stores and tasting probably way too many cupcakes, we just couldn't shake the idea that we thought our cupcakes were just as good, if not yummier! Plus there isn't a specialty cupcake shop in Newcastle, where we live. So the idea was born, we will open our own shop!

We found a vacant shop in Bolton Street in Newcastle. It wasn't just vacant, it had been vacant for quite some time and was a bit of a fixer upper but we had an idea and decided to just run with it.
After many months of hurdles and obstacles we finally got our development application through and the renovation was ready to begin!

I wasn't quick enough to get in and take photos before the work had started but basically it has been stripped to a shell, some painting done and a wall has been erected.

Here are some progress photos. We have the new front going in next week, very excited for that as it will make a huge difference!

 The beautiful Marimekko wallpaper - love!

I will keep you updated along the way. Can't wait to show you all the finished product! And especially can't wait for you to taste the cupcakes! x

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